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Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program (KPAP)

Nearly $500,000 million prescription benefit to date serving more than 85,000 patients in Kentucky.

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About Drug Assistant

Drug Assistant, is a software and services company focusing on patient assistance programs for healthcare providers. Our hospital version captures data from your information system and automatically identifies candidate patients and charges for reimbursement. Our team of experts provide opportunity analysis, training, implementation and ongoing support.

Drug Assistant is a highly scalable solution with the ability to manage everything from small volunteer organizations to large multi facility institutions. We are the trusted partner of the largest Patient Assistance Programs nationally.

Client Spotlight

Floyd Medical Center began its search for a new software system to manage its indigent drug recovery after years of using Indicare drug recovery software. After high levels of frustration due to an overall lack of timely response for support and poor customer service and most importantly poor bottom line results, Floyd began the search for a new software product.

Their most glaring problem was that they had to find an appropriate solution that fit with their budget restrictions.

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DA is very user friendly and has a significant number of reports that will can assist in looking at cost diversion. DA has helped our organization tremendously. We have been using the system for over 4 years. We never started a manually process as I could not imagine doing this by hand. We currently manage over 1000 pts. The previous county program was using some home grown process and since we took over we have had an estimated cost savings of 12 million each year for the past 2 1/2 yrs.

I reviewed all the available options and since I am a pharmacist it spoke to me because it looks like a pharmacy dispensing system. Its web based I can take it anywhere, patient’s room, clinic setting, or a community center basically anywhere I can get an Internet connection. Our system is very complicated all prescriptions come to us and we track it and then send it out to the patient.

I remember having a lot of questions and concerns when we started our PAP program, however going with this system was the best decision I ever made.

~ Marc Betts - PharmD

Drug Assistant Business Case

Drug Assistant can help avoid some of the costs of uncompensated care, such as the uninsured, charity patients, bad debts, and readmissions due to medication non-compliance.

Our software and processes were originally developed in a large hospital pharmacy. The system was so successful, recovering more than $30 million in 6 years, that it then expanded to other hospitals, eventually evolving into an Internet based application, allowing rapid expansion to hospitals and clinics nationwide.

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