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Drug Assistant can help you restock medications that were given to indigent patients, leading to a substantial reduction in charity care spending. We can then support a maintenance medication program for outpatients. This is a best practice and the only way to address both patient care cost and the cost of medications given to the indigent. Over time, this approach will provide better health and reduce hospital visits by the indigent. See case study link that shows reduction in self-pay E.R. visit by 31.85% and reduction in Hospital Admissions of 46.03% respectively.

Implementation, Training and Ongoing Support:

We provide program build out, analysis, consultation, implementation, training, metrics, software and remote staff support by a dedicated account manager. Drug Assistant will manage and oversee the implementation of all new projects. Our team will review goals and objectives, including development of a target drug list. We also establish preliminary financial objectives along with a timeline. Firm, detailed objectives for each location will be set after analysis by Drug Assistant. Hospital policies and procedures are reviewed as they relate to Drug Assistant's work. The account manager oversees weekly meetings to support hospital staff. All reporting and metrics are available within our software system, including multisite business office reporting.

Software Solution:

Our system has the ability to locate patient and utilization information as well as demographic information required by the manufacturer programs. Potential patients are identified based on payer class and target drugs. New Patient information is imported, creating a patient profile. Applications are generated by the system.History is maintained for audits and reports. Our multi-site system is the only offering with the ability to connect multiple locations; each client decides which locations will share information. This functionality allows for patient sharing, transfer of patient information between locations and centralization of the program. Reporting for the entire multi-site network can be managed at each site as well as at the business office level reporting. The system can export data into multiple formats. Managers have the ability to control access and entry rights for each organization and each user. The program coordinates the entire effort in an easy to use format.

Our facility serves a very large indigent patient population. Prior to one year ago, we used another vendor's Reimbursement Software. With DrugAssistant, we have significantly increased our percentage of recovery. Not only have we seen improvements in our recovery rate, we have also reduced cost associated with time consuming manual preparation of paperwork. The ability to link with our Pharmacy system to query orders and now have the ability to complete an entire order by entering only RX number from our pharmacy system. One click gives us the utilization spreadsheet of "Bulk" manufacturers where we were formally spending a tremendous amount of time processing manually each month. We have found the customer service to be outstanding. Our request for alterations and customization for our facility have been handled very quickly. DrugAssistant personnel have been able to offer us many very helpful suggestions which we have implemented and found to have also help improve the success of our Indigent Program. I have found the reporting features to be a manager's dream! We have seen such success with DrugAssistant over the last few years in our outpatient indigent care clinics that we are now implementing and utilizing it to assist us in serving the uninsured, low income clients who may be admitted to our acute care hospital.

~ Ann Baird - Pharmacy Office Manager, Floyd Medical Center, Rome, GA